2016 Races thoughts

Posted on April 22, 2016 | Filed Under 20th Anniversary Waltz 2016 

Firstly let me say…. The marshals and helpers make this race what it is, without them it would not happen. They amaze me, every year they turn up and give a weekend of their life so we can play out doing the thing we love…. Thank you.

On to a bit of annoyance – the lady with the dogs in the car park field……….. We rely on the farmers good will to run these races – without their cooperation we cannot run them. So when they ask you to put your dog on a lead please do so – don’t argue or ignore, it rightly makes them mad. oh and if your dogs chase the sheep, they are within their rights to shoot them  – but they have to give you the bodies back.

We made £800 to help with work on the Village Institute and £860 For MDNA, the Motor Neurone Disease Association. Thank you to everyone that made this possible.


Wynn and Steve


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